Conduct academic research drawing from multiple sources in multiple media.
Read texts in a variety of disciplines and genres, using critical reading strategies.
Defend a position in relation to the range of ideas surrounding a topic.
Construct a logically supported argument.
Demonstrate knowledge of writing as a process, including consideration of peer and instructor feedback, from initial draft to final revision.
Demonstrate sentence-level correctness.
Filmmakers portray both positive and negative developments in the society, and scholars and other experts offer their own interpretation of those films and the world at large. You have your own opinions, observations, and conclusions as well.
In this paper, you will write about one feature-length, scripted, narrative film, the same film you wrote about in your Film Analysis and your Research Proposal, and at least four academic articles relevant to your inquiry.
In the essay, you will articulate a debatable thesis claim about the film and defend this claim using evidence drawn from the film and in response to at least four academic articles. Remember that you don’t need to find articles you agree with. You are free to respond to those articles by arguing against what they have to say.
You’ll summarize your sources, analyze their conclusions, and synthesize their findings, all in order to build your own argument. Your Researched Argument Essay will build on the writing skills you’ve been honing since the beginning of the semester, while adding practical academic research skills and the habit of intellectual curiosity to your repertoire.
Evaluation Criteria:
Do you provide a heading, a title, and a header, and do they follow the MLA Style guidelines? (5 pts)
At the beginning of your essay, do you hook the reader and clearly introduce the film? Do you articulate a complex thesis statement early in the paper? (15 pts)
Does each body paragraph add more support for your thesis statement? Is there plenty of evidence from your close analysis of the film? (25 pts)
Does the paper analyze at least four academic articles in addition to reference materials such as Film Art: An Introduction? Does the paper offer enough critical analysis and synthesis of those articles? (25 pts)
Each time you bring up a source for the first time, do you include the full title and the full name of the author (as well as the year for the film)? When you shorten the full name, do you use the author’s last name? Throughout the paper, do you use clear signal phrases whenever you paraphrase or quote from a source? Are the quotes no more than 25% of the entire essay? (10 pts)
Is the paper free from grammatical and spelling errors? (10 pts)
Do you smoothly transition from sentence to sentence? (10 pts)
Do you provide, on a separate page in the same file, a complete MLA Style Works Cited? (10 pts)

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