The Center for Presidential History has launched their Collective Memory Project on U.S.-Russian Relations under Bush and Putin. This will make available several videos and transcripts of interviews with American and Russian officials and analysts. In a 1500 word essay, students will be asked to compare at least one Russian and one American interview and to discuss how the interviews illuminate this period (2001-2008) in U.S.-Russian relations. In evaluating the interviews, they should refer to other course materials and reflect on some of the following questions: What are some of the advantages of using oral histories as opposed to documents? What are the disadvantages? What events did interviewees remember similarly and differently? How do they analyze U.S.-Russian foreign policy? How do we account for and assess the differences? How do the interviewees’ recollections compare to the secondary sources (for example, Stent’s work) we read on this period? Interviews can be found at
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The purpose of this assignment is to do a close comparison of them, so you should be quoting from the interviews and comparing them directly. You should also compare their versions of events with the way that Stent portrays them in her book. You should not use any other outside sources. I want to see that you studied the interviews closely and did a close reading of Stent, rather than going to outside sources. So please just rely on these three (sources, (the two interviews and the book)). You should also use footnotes as in our other assignments. The goal here is to demonstrate that you’ve done a close reading/watching and comparison of all three sources.
ok so for the book part i dont know how to link it down, so basically you will go throught the first 176 pages of the book for the resources and in order to get the book just go to this website and download it from there, its free it’s called Zlibrary and the books name is THE LIMITS OF PARTNERSHIP: U.S.-RUSSIAN RELATIONS IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. That’s for the book and you click the link above and watch the interviews.
Princeton University Press
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
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Before you write please make sure you read the two pictures attached, because they also have some more information

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