The reflection summary serves as documentation of critical thinking, professional growth, and the impact of serving members of the community in a way that allows you to interact with the recipients of services in an intimate setting.
The student should review his/her activity logs for the semester and compose a summary reflecting on what he/she learned in this course and how he/she impacted the community served by the agency. It should not just list tasks performed. The student should think about how he/she has changed as a person and professional as a result of this experience.
Has the student gained insight that can be used with his/her patients?
Were his/her opinions or beliefs challenged or changed?
This should demonstrate some introspection on the student’s part. Please use third-person throughout this paper.
Identify at least five of the eight BSN Student Learning Outcomes accomplished. Please be specific and give some examples of how these were met. State the total number of practicum hours completed.
The paper should be double spaced and a maximum of three pages excluding the title page.
There should be an introduction and conclusion as part of the writing formatting for an APA paper.
The BSN Student Learning Outcomes to be addressed in the reflective summary are:
Student Learning Outcomes for the RN to BSN Program
Upon graduation, the baccalaureate-prepared nurse will:
1. Demonstrate accountability for ethical practice to include caring behaviors towards individuals, families, communities, and self.
2. Exhibit skills in nursing leadership to promote effective communication and to lead interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
3. Use emerging technologies to manage health information and guide professional decision-making.
4. Integrate nursing science in making evidence-based clinical judgments to provide safe, cost-effective, high-quality care.
5. Cultivate a spirit of inquiry by using scholarly evidence and published theories or frameworks to implement changes in nursing practice.
6. Implement a culturally competent, health-promoting plan of care for individuals, families, and communities to provide for multidimensional comfort and safety.
7. Explore various levels of healthcare advocacy in diverse settings.
8. Value continuous learning that empowers personal and professional growth

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