There are multiple assignments in this one module. There are a video assignment, Journaling, and a test that you will have to complete. Before you can do all those, you have to read:
Prelude to a Kiss and other plays by Craig Lucas (I know that there is a movie version of this, but please read the book as you willneed evidence from the book to back up your answer. I don’t know how you will read this because I have the online version of it.)
Introduction to Drama
Example of Exceptional Essay Question Response
I will includes all those in the files below.
I will also include an example of a good essay response for you to follow when you answer the test. The test will have two section. One is multiple choice, matching, and short answer and another is an essay response.
The video assignment, all you need to do for me is write me a script that correspond to the topic. I will read the script and make the video myself. The script should be 3-5 minutes long when I read it.
I will inlude all the specific instruction for each assignments below.
Video script instruction:
Your discussion this week should focus on finding a theme related to love or relationships in Prelude to a Kiss by Craig Lucas. Because we do not have exposition–all the stuff the author tells us directly or through a character’s internal observations–we must rely on dialogue and the occasional stage direction to offer textual evidence.
Your video post should include:
A statement of theme backed/explained by proof from the text (with page numbers).
An analysis of a character who fits into that theme (who are they, what do you know about them, how do you know it).
Whether you like reading drama over prose (like Lahiri) and why or why not–this answer should be less than 25% of your response–you need to respond to the first two parts thoroughly to get full points.
Journaling instruction:
This lesson I have no specific prompts for you. You should practice keeping a reading journal as if you were taking notes for a face-to-face class. That means thinking about the essential questions from the introduction and noting page numbers and important events/word choices/symbolism/imagery as you read through the text at least twice. Remember that this is how you show me that you are reading the text conscientiously (not just a cursory read-through).
Test instruction:
This quiz will test your knowledge of everything we have covered to this point. It consists of matching, multiple choice, two short-answer questions, and one substantial essay question.
The quiz as a whole is worth 100 points. The essay question is worth 50 of those points.You will have one attempt at this quiz and three hours to take it. This is a generous amount of time, so make sure to spend it wisely. The timer does not stop if you leave the test.
Make sure the essay question is answered thoroughly in a formally-written well-structured essay with citation where necessary to support your ideas. Compose your essay in a word document, making sure to save often. Then copy and paste it into the quiz. When you are finished with the quiz entirely, make sure to click Save and Submit to finish.
(You will have to work with me on the test. The test can only start when I start it and you will only have 3 hours to complete it. we will work on a schedule where I open the test at a certain time and I will send you the questions and you will answer it for me and send it back to me and I will type it in before the 3 hours is over.)
I know this is a lot and I am sorry, but all this works is for one module so I can’t really seperate it.

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