This Essay is about Sea of Steps photograph by Frederick Evans in 1903
General Rubric:
2-4 pages long with title page (title page that distills your thesis), parenthetical notes, name of source, date of publication), and illustrations in the back (artist, title, date)
First Paragraph: introduction (3-4 sentence thesis) summarizes your argument about the meaning of the photograph
First 2 pages: place main image with larger social context; include 2 endnotes or footnotes that cite the books, articles, and websites and at least 2 relevant quotes from the time of photograph
Fourth paragraph should consist of a conclusion that ties the earlier paragraphs together and discusses the main photograph’s historical meaning.
Illustration (4-5 sentences)
The main image, an image of the full room, the other photograph Evans made of this space, a detailed floorplan of Wells Cathedral with this space marked, other images of stairs he made
Why did he choose to take a photo of that place?
Compare this famous photograph with images of the full room as well as another of Evan’s images of this same space.
What did he omit, and what did he emphasize in this image and why?
Why did this become so famous compare with his other photograph of the same space?
*Include primary and secondary sources or quotes*

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