This is a biology review paper, it requires 10 sources in total ( 3 sources, it requires to be recent articles from 2021-2022 and the rest sources can be found any year. I have already started working on the introduction, if you need to make any changes please do so! Below are the instructions:
1. Tittle: complete sentence title is descriptive of an overall review
2. Abstract:
3. Introduction: the objective of this paper, explain what this paper will be focused on and what the reader will expect about this paper.
4. -Discussion:
– The descriptive or review paper section look for common trends, highlight key
– Please explain the functions and write any studies that have been found, and Also, explain functions or studies for PDK4 and GLUT1 and leukemia too.
– when you are writing part of the body paragraph it needs to from the newest to
oldest information from the articles.
– Discuss ONE research methodology (the methodology is part of the methods/ material and Explain one experiment they used, that supports the idea for this topic).
-Conclusion: Sum it Up! Briefly summarize major
findings, where new search may lead, or where the field is heading, or make
suggestions for future research.
-Citation ( 10 References in total )
Thank you!

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