This paper needs to be rewritten/edited. I will like to keep a large portion of this paper, but have sections of it edited or rewritten so that it follow the rubic. I have attached the originial paper and the rubic.
Assignment 2: Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis (4 pages): Students will identify one policy that directly impacts clients and/or the organization’s ability to respond to their clients and conduct a policy analysis. The policy could be local, state-level, or national.
Students should:
Introduce the policy you are analyzing. Clearly explain how this policy is relevant to your client population and/or the organization.
Define the problem. What problem does the policy attempt to address? Discuss the prevalence of the problem. Consider different potential explanations in terms of causes of the problem.
Define the policy and alternatives. Summarize the basic tenets of the policy. How is the policy expected to help address the problem (i.e., what cause does it seek to address)? What alternative policies were considered, or could have been considered?
Describe policy implementation. Who is in charge of implementation? How is the process working? Have there been problems in implementation? Is a monitoring and evaluation system in place for the implementation? Describe it.
Evaluate the policy. Has the policy achieved what it intended? What were the costs and consequences of the policy? Overall, was the policy a “success” or a “failure”?
Make a recommendation. Recommend a policy action, based on your analysis of the set of alternatives and your evaluation of the current policy. Articulate reasons, supported by facts and evidence, why the policy proposal you have chosen would be the best avenue for addressing the issue in question.

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