To prepare for this project, you will need to select one of the stars listed below:
Tau Ceti
X Persei
Sirius B
Proxima Centauri
Cygnus X-1
Wolf 359
Eta Carinae
Questions to answer
I would like you to do some independent research about the star that you have chosen and summarize important characteristics.
What is the name of your star? What does its name mean? Are there other names for the star?
What is the surface temperature of the star and what color would it look like if viewed from Earth?
What is the luminosity (relative to the Sun) of the star?
Where does this star sit on the H-R diagram? You can draw a sketch of the diagram and place your star appropriately, or you can place it on a blank diagram, such as this one (Links to an external site.). This graph should be included within your report.
Compare the star to our Sun. Is it similar? Dissimilar? In what ways?
Describe where the star is in its life cycle and its approximate age. For example, our Sun is in the middle of its life cycle as a main-sequence star and it is approximately 4.6 billion years old.
How far away is your chosen star from Earth?
What is/are the one or two most important detail(s) or characteristic(s) about this star? Why?
How long it would take for someone from Earth to travel to this star. Explain your assumptions (how would the travel happen, how fast could the transporter travel?) and show all of your calculations.

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