When utilizing critical thinking and research on an assignment, finding appropriate sources and learning to cite those sources is only half of the battle. Once you have identified your sources, you have to be able to determine how those sources will be used in order to get across the point you are trying to make. In order to do this, you must first be able to read through the article, comprehend what it is saying, and then be able to paraphrase the ideas in a way that helps you use the concepts for your own purposes.
This week, answer the following questions to see how many of these reading strategies you have used in the past. Also, if you have used these strategies, do you think they work? Have you found something that you think works better for you?
1.) Do you scan the article and highlight keywords before reading, or do you simply start reading without scanning first?
2.) Do you often read some sections more than one time in order to ensure you are fully understanding what the article is saying?
3.) As you read, do you write down notes or highlight sentences that you find important?

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