Write an essay of 400 words examining the underlying causes and effects of the recent lifting of the mask mandates throughout the nation.
As mask mandates continue to be dropped, not all teenagers are taking them off. Teens have a new word for fear of shedding masks to reveal actual faces: mask fishing — in other words, using facial coverings to cover up actual looks. The term is a play on “catfishing,” the slang for misrepresenting one’s identity online. Write about the possible causes and effects of this “mask fishing.”
Explain the reasons and ramifications of why this pivotal action is crucial or not to the well-being. Discuss the overall social, economic, health and safety implications and how this action will affect everyone.
This essay should contain no more than six (6) paragraphs, eight sentences long, and no less than eight words in a sentence. Provide at least three supporting details in this paper. Do not use any personal pronouns or contractions.
*Remember, the thesis statement and conclusion should be compelling and thought-provoking, representing the supporting evidence.

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