ATTACHED DOCUMENT – the grant proposal that this document should be written based on.
You have a great idea for a research project, but you will need funds to support yourself, transport you to a field site, or hire a computer-literate person to run your data. Prepare a grant proposal!
You may either write this assignment or do a 3-5 minute “pitch” on any video platform.
This written assignment should be no longer than 10 pages. Shorter can sometimes be better!
Please do not use PowerPoints for this presentation! If you have data or some other visual that you think helps your pitch, you may use it briefly.
Remember, you are selling your idea to a potential funder.
Whether you write a research grant proposal or pitch the video, be sure to include: 1. Your research question, making clear the need or the problem; 2). state of the current literature; 3) your methodology (that is, how you are going to answer the question. 4) Provide final remarks about anticipated challenges for this project. If you have an hypothesis, you may include it as well.
Normally, for a grant proposal, you would include a section on a budget and how you are going to spend the funds, but you will OMIT this part for this assignment.
See the three posts below from universities for recommendations on how to write a grant proposal.

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