Create your own Climate website: (Wix is one platform that is easy and can be used, but if you prefer to choose another you can)
1. There should be an “about me section” which shares a little bit about you and the class.
2. There should be a “blog section” where you upload your climate news and reading summaries.
3. There should be some photos uploaded as well.
4. You can add other information, your climate story, thoughts, other class work etc.
5. You should have the initial “bones” of the website developed and the link uploaded for me to review, no later than the beginning of class on February 16th, I will then review it again on March 30th. The final version should be upload by April 30th.
I will be looking at the website and you will be graded based on the above loose rubric.
You will be awarded 2 points on each of the above dates for adding the previous month’s news reviews (6 total) and reading summaries; an additional 4 points for website development/design will be added at the end.

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