Essay Requirements
How Long?
5-7 pages (does not include
coversheet or works cited page)
point Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins.
parenthetical citations in essay text.
Works Cited page.
What to Do
Write a well-developed,
well-researched argument essay expanding on the topic you investigated for your
annotated bibliography. In this essay,
you will take a side within the
debate as a stakeholder, and you will support your side through the use of
Your dual purpose is to educate
and to persuade a neutral, well-informed reader (i.e., a professor) to adopt
your position. The essay should make
good use of the three rhetorical appeals (ethos/pathos/logos).
Choose to argue in one of these
argument categories primarily:
“we should do X”
& Effect: “X causes/caused/is causing Y”
& Contrast: “X is better than Y because…”
“Is X an/like an A a/like a B?”
Research Requirements
– 8 sources minimum
Four of the sources
(regardless of where they come from—internet, database, scholarly source,
etc.) must be the same as the ones from the annotated bib.
All other sources must be :
must be a new scholarly source
from the JSTOR or Academic Search Complete databases (note: all sources in
JSTOR are scholarly – only some
sources in ASC are scholarly, so be careful and check with me if you are
unsure at ALL).
can be either any scholarly source or a long-form journalism piece from
any source.
sources are fine as long as they are reliable
1. Research Papers must be typed
2. Times New Roman Font Only
3. 12 point font
1. One inch margins throughout the entire paper
2. Indent the first word of a paragraph on half inch (five
spaces or one Tab space)
3. Indent long format quotations one inch (ten spaces) from
the left margin
1. Double Space throughout the entire paper including
quotations, heading, and list of works cited.
Heading, Header, and Title:
2. Follow the formatting below as an example of the first
page of an MLA format essay:
Bibliography (15) and Outline

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