For this assignment, research how airport public-private partnerships use special purpose vehicles (SPV) and what risk strategies they use to manage project risk. Identify and explain project risks and what airport contracts and agreements airports use to allocate project risks.
The paper should be 3 – 5 pages in length, demonstrating awareness of audience, purpose, context, genre, and medium as well as awareness of discipline and industry-specific conventions. The paper should be written using APA formatting.
The use of Excel spreadsheets and/or Infographics that quickly convey the central concept of your paper are encouraged.
Airports can create and use Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) as a way to limit project risk to the financial investment organization created for the purpose of investing in the capital project while shielding the airport’s assets and cash flow in the event something goes wrong with the project. This may sound similar to other corporate treasury management functions, but there are a few differences airport financial decision makers should be aware of and prepared to address.

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