I have been given a choice to either write an essay 1)You argue that the Government should make having a vaccine against Covid-19 either compulsory or mandatory for all adults to help control the Coronavirus pandemic.
Or essay number two.
2)You argue that children that are Gillick-competent should have the sole/exclusive right to refuse and/or accept medical treatment (giving parents no role in this).
I can only answer one of the essays, not two. I have to use Oscola Referencing and my uni would like me to have a full bibliography of texts, journals etc. referred to in my work. They have said the bibliography should state author, publisher and year of publication. It is 2500 word limit, I’m not allowed to go over that. I have some revision material from the university if it is needed which I can email over or send over if needed.This will be worth 80% of my mark.
They also love for me to add Approaches into this. The approaches that we have covered in this are deontology, consequentialism, and principlism.
This is the checklist I have been given:
• Do I understand the issues raised by the question?
• Have I planned my answer so that the final result is logical and makes sense?
• Have I introduced the issues properly?
• Is all the material relevant?
• Are my arguments clear?
• Does the reasoning develop as the answer progresses?
• Have I tried to take to critical approach to the material I am using?
• Have I balanced descriptive material with analysis and argument?
• Is the answer repetitive?
• Have I written a proper conclusion which draws the threads of my answer together?
• Have I acknowledged all sources?
• Have I included a full bibliography?
• Have I met the word limit?
• Have I checked spelling, punctuation and grammar?

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