I will attach the student’s presentation on harm reduction and here are the instructions from the professor. this class is ethics on public health major
Essay Assignment:
We covered many topics in this class and there are multiple viewpoints, depending on one’s philosophical point of view. In a one to two-page reaction paper, talk about one of your classmate’s opposing views. What did that individual’s argument make you think about your own point of view?
Instructions to be used while addressing the questions above:
Your paper must be a minimum of one (1) FULL page in length. That means don’t give me ¼ of a page with your name, etc. on it – use a cover page instead to record that information. I was a student too, I’m all too aware of that old trick. We’ve been doing that since the time of dot-matrix printers (my parents probably did that with typewriters…)
You must use size twelve (12) Times New Roman font; margins be set to one (1) inch all around. See note above.
Paragraphs are to be double spaced, without a space between paragraphs of the same style. See note above.
The paper must be proof read. Multiple typos and misspellings will result in a zero.
Your paper must comply with the APA Manual of Style, Sixth (6th) Edition, to include properly formatted in text citations and works cited page. Abstract and methodology, research, etc. section headings are not required.
Refer to the rubric on the next page to see what I’ll be looking for when I grade your assignment. Type accordingly.

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