Option 1: traditional paper
Building on the subject described in the first three parts of this project, you will write an argument (or thesis) based paper in which your thesis presents a unique perspective on your chosen topic and how it relates to memory and legacy. In this paper you are asked to do three things: first, explain the circumstances of your subject and its historical context; second, explain the subjects relevance to the broader themes and events of the age of revolutions; and third, consider how the subject is remembered today: the accuracy of its legacy, the ways in which that legacy is remembered and why you think the specific subject has come to be understood in the ways it has. Students can also consider how historical memory of a historical episode is both connected to and/or distinct from formal modes of historical analysis.
Some additional parameters:
You need to use the Chicago citation method. Guidelines are up on Blackboard.
Your paper should be at least 4 (but no more than 6) pages, 12 font, double-spaced. It should contain a minimum of four (two primary, two secondary) sources. Please note that at least one of the secondary sources must be peer-reviewed. You may include the two sources from your bibliography here.
The final paper serves as your Critical Thinking Core Signature Assignment: The assignment listed in this section must be uploaded to your Taskstream e-Portfolio under CORE SLO #2.1/2.3 and you MUST post an accompanying set of reflections about the work to your e-Portfolio as well.

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