Please be sure to use your owe words when writing the both essays and answering the questions. Go deep forllowing the instructions
Please explain when writing the essays the response in-depth elaborate understanding , in your own words.
b.)Start with a quote followed by a strong thesis statement.
for the questions
c.) Give the complete understanding to this question response ( who, what, where, when, why, how ) include at least ten in-text citations with reference.
Please NOTE the following: Guideline and Rules for the paper; A. The essays and questions will be evaluated based on content, clarity, organization, style and Grammar, and insight. The specific criteria grading scale are as follows:
1.Content: how well I cover the issues, integrate readings into this essay, answering orf the short questions the question to defend your position, critique other points of view, and put forth an effort to write a good paper.
2.Clarity: The main question is whether my writing is clear and can be read by a neutral person.
3.Organization: Did I follow and develop a single line of reasoning or explanation before shifting to another issue or point? Is the paper logically consistent and well organized throughout?
Please make sure the check to see if the writing discursive or rambling? Are my paragraphs well organized, substantive, and are there appropriate breaks between paragraphs?
4.Style and Grammar Proofread the paper. Check the paper to make sure it is free of misspelled words, Plagiarism, and grammatical errors. Be sure to check the similarity and ensure the document is original. Ensure that it is neat, has appropriate margins, page numbering, and appropriate in-text citations and references.
1. In your introductory paragraph state what you intend to accomplish in your paper. (Make sure that your introductory paragraph is written in such a way that it grabs the attention of the reader. Move from generally talking about some aspect of your topic to zeroing in on your specific topic. Your last sentence should say something like, “This paper will focus on ….”
2. Use your own words as much as possible.
Beware of plagiarism.
5. When in doubt, consult reliable Internet sources for the proper formats of bibliographies and work cited pages.
.6.In your conclusion sum up what you discovered. This is the only place where you should state your opinion. However, your opinion must be based on what you discovered during your research.

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