Please, edit paper, add supporting sources to my case study, like statistics, etc… Proofread, make sure it makes sense, edit where necessary, and make sure it has all of the requirements below.
Research Paper
Your task is to write a case study research paper about the role of digital media technologies in
shaping civic practices and political struggles in the context of a particular social movement,
civic organization, social group, or media institution. In investigating the connection between
digital media technologies and questions of citizenship, your analysis will focus on the digital
media strategies of a chosen group/organization through the conceptual lens of ideas presented in
readings and in class. Your paper should demonstrate three key competencies: Application,
Analysis, and Synthesis.
APPLICATION reflects your ability to choose and apply learned material to new and concrete
situations; the concrete situation here being your case study. Demonstrating mastery of this skill
includes your ability to select from the different concepts and theoretical frameworks we covered
and apply them to the analysis of your case study/topic.
ANALYSIS refers to your ability to “break down the material into its components so that its
organizational structure may be understood.” This starts with your ability to (1) identify the
various parts at play and (2) analyze the relationship between them. For example, if your paper
chooses to use “the five tactics of participatory media” as an analytical tool, you could for
instance identify the different tactics used by your group/organization and analyze the
relationship among them. This is what I mean when I say your analysis will identify the parts and
articulate how they are related.
SYNTHESIS refers to your ability to put parts back together to form a new whole. The new whole
that you will be producing is an analytical paper that applies different conceptual tools (from
academic sources) to identify different elements/dimensions of a case study (analysis) and put
them back together (synthesis) in a comprehensive account/narrative/paper.
Please note that the skills outlined above are not a structure or outline for your paper. They are
pedagogical goals or objectives that your paper as a whole must aim for regardless of its
structure or topic of choice. For more on how to structure the paper, please review the writing
steps from the midterm writing assignment.

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