Promt: “You are to read the Hiroshima article attached to your files. Read the argument for and against.
After reading and reflecting, type at least a two page, double-spaced paper on your perspective.
(Please…no more than 2 1/2 pages. The reason for this task is to assess your answers in conformity to a rubric
chosen by the department. Here is a simple take on what the rubric is looking for with the six headings:
Global Self-Awareness: Why is this issue important not only for you, but for global humanity?
Perspective Taking: This is identifying each view….basically, what is each saying?
Cultural Diversity: Understanding and relating the views…how are the similar or different?
Personal and Social Responsibility: What moral issues are raised for social interaction?
Understanding Global /Cultural Systems: How might each contribute either positively or negatively to society at large.
Verbal and Non-Verbal communication; Openness: presented in a non-biased manner.”
Only source needed is the one provided.
No plagerism

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