The essay should be 2,000 words (excluding the list of references), should employ Harvard referencing and should maintain professional levels of style, spelling and punctuation. For all essay topics you must engage with relevant readings (essential and further readings) provided in the Managing Digital Work module. You can use examples and case studies discussed in lectures and workshops to illustrate your arguments.
Please note the following conditions that lead to automatic fail:
Lack of systematic use of relevant readings provided and discussed in the Managing Digital Work module.
Lack of use of references (lack of in-text citations and reference list in the end of the essay).
Lack of use of academic resources (journals, conference proceedings, books or book chapters)
The essay aims to assess students’ ability to apply theoretical concepts for analysing the impact of digital technologies across various contexts of work.
Students will be expected to focus on specific technologies and work practices to reflect on organisational and societal impacts.
Students need to study the lecture slides and the relevant readings given for the essay question they choose to address.
They are expected to do some research following guidance given in the lectures and the workshops.
References are excluded from the word limit but anything else is included.
Essays should employ Harvard referencing style and should maintain professional levels of style, spelling, and punctuation.

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