The paper must include an introduction of the problem or issue including a description of why the topic is currently relevant.
This should include a discussion of the social, political or administrative impact this problem is currently having on the field of criminal justice.
How would you improve this problem or event?
What policy recommendations would you make to government leaders responsible for solving or addressing the issue?
How might a law enforcement agency contribute to solutions to this problem?
How might the courts contribute to solutions to this problem?
How might the corrections subsystem contribute to solutions to this problem?
How can community or victim services agencies contribute to solutions to this problem or issue?
What conflicts might arise between these agencies and service providers while trying to address these issues?
The goal of this paper is to help you synthesize your readings from the text and your current events assignments. How do all of these systems work together to solve the social problems of crime,
criminal and social justice?
Please write the paper in APA format. Should have at least give quality references (Not Wikipedia). Only one of these can be a news article.

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