This research paper is supposed to be about a character from the play Antigone, compared to a modern day person. The character I chose from the play is Antigone, and the modern day person I chose is Alexei Navalny. This paper has to be 5-7 pages long, not including the Works Cited page. There has to be a quote from the play for every body paragraph. Currently, my teacher has said that my thesis is good, I mainly need help fixing the body paragraphs and citing in MLA properly. I also need at least 5 pages, but currently on have 4 of actual content. I will inlcude the links I have already used. There has to be a minimum of 4, and I am not allowed to research about the play Anitgone. I can only use quotes straight from the play. I also need help making sure this essay is organized. if you cant access any of these links, please let me know. To add, I have to compare what makes them both similar. Like how is this play still relevant to modern society? I compared certain chracteristics which are listed throughout the essay, but to clarify, they are: selfless, determined, courageous, brave, considerate. This research paper has to be in MLA format.
Links for the websites I used about Alexei Navalny :

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