Topic 1
Next, locate one credible source from the Library or the internet about the prevalence of mental illness in the U.S. and its effects on society (e.g., criminal behavior, alcohol or drug abuse, negative impacts on interpersonal relationships, or homelessness). Use this information to write a letter to your congressperson (without the intention of sending it) to explain the following:
The magnitude of the problem of mental illness.
What is being done to improve the situation (such as your state’s programs or organizations)?
How the problem affects a society.
What steps you believe should be taken to combat the problem and reduce the prevalence of mental illness or the specific problem you chose.
topic 2
Fuller, K. (2020, June 24). What does it mean to be a mental health advocate? National Alliance on Mental Illness.
Tartakovsky, M. (2019, March 21). What it means to become a mental health advocate – and how to become one. PsychCentral.
Answer the following questions:
· How has this course changed your view of the field of abnormal psychology?
· What practical application may this material have in the career of your choice?
· How might this knowledge help you personally?
· How can you act as an advocate for the mentally ill moving forward?

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