Topic Picked: Animal Rights
could talk about the following
– Science on Medical Research
– Economics
– Ethical Treatment of animals
– Peter Singer
– The Animal Welfare Act
– Factory Farming
The final paper must come in at 6 full pages minimum and 8 pages maximum, double-spaced, Calibri or Times New Roman, font-12. The paper must be argumentative in nature, and at least two pages must be devoted to exposing your opponents’ best two or three points. Papers are to be turned in to my CPP email. Due date announced in class. A handout with helpful ideas and resources will be posted to Canvas.
Thesis Statement: one short paragraph specifying your position on the subject
Exposure of two or three main points made by opposition (2 pages)
Respond to opponent points and defend your thesis (4 – 6 pages)
You must site a minimum of three sources and one of those sources must come from your opposition(dot-com sites will not count as reliable sources).
Use Google Scholar for academic articles, books, and law cases.
Papers will be graded based on
– Quality of research
– Ability to defend your thesis with factually accurate premises
– Integration of proper constitutional and legal support
– Ability to recognize proper ethical structure
– Use of realizable expert opinion
– The fact that your paper is free of any of the fallacies

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