Write a 1,225- to 1,550-word report of your organization’s supply chain management and how it impacts your organization’s brand. Include the following points:
Based on the assignment in Week 2, analyze how the economics in your market impact your organization’s management of its supply chain.
Based on the assignment in Week 4, analyze if the expenses in your organization are impacted positively or negatively by how the supply chain is managed.
Summarize the state of supply chain management and operations at your organization. Make any recommendations based on supply chain best practices to enhance its performance within the context of the health care sector.
Many suppliers and their customers co-brand now (think of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s). Are there opportunities for your organization to co-brand with any of its supply chain partners? If so, what are the advantages?
Cite any references to support your assignment.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

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